Vaping Concepts You May Be Misunderstanding – Vape Pen Assumptions That Are Often Misconstrued

As teachers we cherish obtaining valuable information and genuinely get excited about disseminating such knowledge while watching others develop.  Its about clarifying and developing topics and points with an the end goal that others can likewise propel their comprehension of ideas, speculations and thoughts that match their own interests and gifts.  One of our most loved things to do as a school and gathering of instructors is to reveal, analyze and expose a portion of the more mind boggling social patterns that face us as a present society.  When we as people are presented with new advancements and creations it can regularly prompt us to internalize convoluted data and we get a kick out of the chance to make a special effort to counteract misguided judgments and errors.  There is little more baffling as educators then when awful information and lessons are being propagated.  We genuinely believe that learning is power and when that information is miss utilized or miss lead it can encourage tragedies and fiascoes.  While are point today is not so bleak it is a topic that numerous youngsters are grasping and something we as a whole ought to likely take more of interest in.  What we are discussing is vaping and the utilization of a vaporizer pen, wax pen or dab pen.  Its something the kids are participating in nowadays and a pastime we could all most likely learn a little more about.  Lets investigate a couple of the regular vaping concepts that often arise is discussion and studies and how those new to the hobby might get misguided on their judgments.

Vaping and Vape Pen Misunderstanding #1 – The Original Vape Pen Was Conceptualized In The 1960’s

With regards to the original vape pen concepts the earliest reference points we have to construct and establish opinions about actually happened quite awhile ago.  It is so intriguing to see that in 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert licensed a gadget clarified as “a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette”.  This early beginnings of the vape pen warmed a special fluid and created vapor however he would never locate an appropriate maker thus the thought and development of this first vape pen, dab pen and wax pen project was actually rejected.  While vaping is moderately new its very eye opening to learn about such an expansive past.

Vaping and Vape Pen Misunderstanding #2 – Self-Regulation Is A Common Vape Business Concept

While we can point fingers at the negativity when there is smoking included it is nice to discover that the vaping business alongside fitting government rules is beginning to control itself.  Self-controls such incorporate warning notices, safety checks, and eliquid sterile lab settings and more are all becoming common place the portable vaporizer pen industry despite not being mandated by law.  At the point when a group alongside political bodies is making an extraordinary showing with regards to the policing of itself you can simply feel better in the sense that there comfort in knowing that the rights steps are being taken to control the vape pen industry properly.

Vaping and Vape Pen Misunderstanding #3 – e-Cigarettes and Vape Pen Concepts Are Under Constant Scrutiny

Many individuals think vaping and the vape pen have little information to back up the positive claims about them yet that couldn’t be further from the case.  Vaping has been analyzed broadly by researchers, colleges and consumers making a lot of research available for the overall population and teachers to pour over.  Have you ever come across a vape pen, dab pen or wax pen statistic or fact that shocked you? Tell us about it as we are continually hoping to learn more about this fascinating and somewhat controversial subject matter.

The Ideas Behind Vaping You May Not Be Aware – Three Common Misconceptions About The Vape Pen

imagesAs educators not only do we love acquiring knowledge the real thrill comes from disseminating it and watching others grow.  Its about explaining and expanding on subject matters and topics so that others can also advance their understanding of the concepts, theories and ideas that match their interests and talents.  One of our favorite things to do as a school and group of teachers is to uncover, dissect and debunk some of the more complex cultural trends that face us as a current society.  When we as humans are exposed to new innovations and inventions it can often lead to an awful lot of convoluted information and we like to go out of our way to prevent educational misconceptions  and misunderstandings.  There is little we find more frustrating as teachers then when bad data and lessons are being perpetuated.  We truly believe knowledge is power and when that knowledge is miss used or miss lead it can lead to not only poor decision making but also outright travesty and disaster.  While are topic today does not take on gloomy proportions it is a subject matter that many young people are embracing and something we all should probably learn more about.  What we are talking about is vaping and the use of a vaporizer pen, wax pen or dab pen.  Its something the kids are doing more and more these days and a hobby we could all probably stand to learn a little bit more about.  Lets take a look at the a few of the common vaping misconceptions to not only learn more about vape pens and vaping but also to assure are logic and thinking is developing in a positive direction on this extremely popular movement.

Common Vaping and Vape Pen Misconception We All Could Learn From Number 1: The First Ever Vape Pen Was Invented In The 1960’s

When it comes to educating yourself about a topic it is always wise to first start at the very beginning to get a base foundation on what you are learning about.  It is so  interesting to see that in 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert patented a device explained  as “a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette”.  The device heated a nicotine liquid and produced vapor but he could never find a suitable manufacturer and so the idea and invention was scrapped.  While vaping is relatively new still its interesting to see it also have such a historical past.

Common Vaping and Vape Pen Misconception We All Could Learn From Number 2: The Industry Has Started Self-Regulating

While we can always point fingers when there is smoking involved it is nice to learn that the vaping industry along with appropriate government guidelines is starting to regulate itself.   Self-regulations include packaging with warning labels, child resistant caps, and eliquid sterile lab setting requirements.  When a community along with political bodies is a doing a great job of policing itself you can always feel a bit better that the rights steps are being taken to control the subject matter appropriately.

Common Vaping and Vape Pen Misconception We All Could Learn From Number 3: e-Cigarettes and Vape Pens Have Been Studied Extensively

Many people think vaping and the vape pen have little data on them but that could not be further  from the case.   Vaping has been examined extensively by scientists, major universities and consumer groups creating plenty of research for the general public and educators to pour over.  Have you ever ready a vape pen or wax pen study that surprised you?  Let us know as we are always looking to learn.

Education By Numbers – The Importance of Learning Statistical Outline

While we at Milkat Schools always put the utmost importance on education we think it is often lost in translation just how vital and essential learning is.  This amazing infographic by Microsoft is a wonderful visual representation of just how big and vital education is to our world today.  From local impact to global reach learning’s value often reaches beyond boundaries we could even imagine.  One the greatest aspects of the mind and people’s ability to grow and learn together is that the true limits of where we can go or what we will create is non-existent.  Lets take a look at just a few of the reasons why is education is such massively vital part of our society.  


Education By Numbers Key Infographic Fact Number One: $329 Billion / The Amount Of High School Dropouts From The Class of 2006-2007 Cost In Lost Wages, Taxes, and Productivity Over Their Lifetimes 

This number is staggering when you think about and it truly highlights just how valuable education is to any culture.  The fact remains that education leads to more job opportunities, a greater ability to take care of responsibilities and a greater support to communities as a whole.  If you think it does not cost not to learn.  Look at this statistic and think again.

Education By Numbers Key Infographic Fact Number Two: 77% / Percentage Of Jobs Requiring  Some Technology Skills Over The Next Decade

One of the best characteristics of education is that it keeps you on track when it comes to advancing your mind not only in the right direction but also towards new and innovative ideas.  If you want to pick up a new skill there really is no other way to do it.  Regardless if it is personal private education, group learning, online tutoring or a school atmosphere there are so many ways to soak yourself in knowledge that there are very few on earth that can deny the power of information.

Education By Numbers Key Infographic Fact Number Three: 12 Ft. / Size Of The Wall That Could Be Built From Los Angeles To New York With The Office Paper and Products Americans Throw Away 

This number shows that while a lot of great things are coming from education there are still some things we need to work on with recycling and environmental protection being one of them.  When you think about it there is a lot of sadness in the amount of resources we not only take for granted but waste everyday in America and hopefully through education we can start to change all that.  Advances in both knowledge bases and technologies should allow us to excel in environmental protection and we need to spend more time dedicated to this very prospect.  Hopefully by starting to make changes at the school system levels we can start to have a greater impact on the world overall.

Have some information on education you would like to share?  Send it on over we would love to hear about it.