Milkat Schools Frequently Asked Questions Outline (FAQ) – A Guide To Milkat Education

While we know that we are in the business of education being responsible for a child’s future is so much more then just a job to us.  As a parent deciding where your children will attend school is a huge decision and one we understand is not taken lightly.  With such an important choice to make comes lots of questions and concerns which is why we are always around to assist families in navigating the educational systems and processes.  We created this frequently asked questions (FAQ) guide and outline to cover some of the more general inquiries we get about the way Milkat Schools work.

Milkat Schools Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) #1 – Who Can Attend Milkat Schools

Each student that plans to attend Milkat Schools must go through a rigors application process.  This includes family interviews, background checks, financial reviews and child testing.  Sometimes depending on grade and age there is a wait list to get in so if you are thinking about coming to Milkat we always encourage starting the application process early as it does take some time to get through everything.

Milkat Schools Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) #2 – What Type of Student Security Do You Provide

During the school year we keep 2 armed security officers on campus at all times to assure that the kids are kept from harm.  Also all teachers are required to attend an emergency response training seminar as well as take a yearly defense class.  We also have two registered and trained nurses on site that can take care of most medical needs and can administer first aid when needed.  Last we have the entire school outfitted in a world class security camera system that is monitored throughout the day.  It is also capable of sounding alarms and detecting problems as they arise.

Milkat Schools Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) #3 – Do You Have Summer Classes or Tutoring

At Milkat Schools we offer both summer classes and private after school tutoring.  The classes available do change by the semester so always check the schedule to see if what you are looking is being offered.  We always offer our entire core curriculum but we also have specialty classes based on season and teacher availability that cover a wide range of topics and subject matters.  We also have lots of parent and child events so those are great bonding and learning opportunities as well.